Edith Delight

“This pandemic has enabled me to think beyond the norm, to find the essential factor in my work and profession. I’ve been able to position my thoughts where I can clearly define how essential my value is to the world.”

1. Who is Edith Gibson (Delight)?

My name is Edith Gibson, popularly known as Edith Delight, I am a Medical Aesthetician with a specialty in Oncology skin care. I am a single mother of two, one pre-teen and one teenager, divorced since 2015. We live in the state of GA and we love it! We enjoy long walks, driving around downtown and most of all, making music. My son Edin is an incredible producer with his own home recording studio. My daughter sings and to the surprise of most people I actually rap lol! or let’s just say I’m a great poet.

2. The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic weighs the heaviest on most working mothers. How has the pandemic affected you mentally?

My answer to this is probably different from most as this has actually made me mentally stronger. This pandemic has enabled me to think beyond the norm, to find the essential factor in my work and profession. I’ve been able to position my thoughts where I can clearly define how essential my value is to the world.

3. How are you supporting your local community during the COVID-19 crisis?

The majority of my activities actually happen overseas, in Cameroon where I originally come from. Its clear that numerous people in Cameroon are not only at great risk due to lack of the essentials needed to fight this virus, but they are completely ignorant of the dangers associated to this pandemic. I partnered up with ‘The Peoples Foundation’ to donate hand sanitizers, masks, antibacterial soaps and most especially food to one of the poorest communities in Cameroon. (Awae village)

4. How can your local community support you and your business during this pandemic?

My local community can support by simply obeying the health recommendations associated with this virus.

5.What/how are you spending the most of your time/resources during the pandemic?

Most of my time has been dedicated to my children and then my significant other. Just taking the time to get to know them more intimately, allowing them to be themselves, creating a non-judgmental environment where there’s freedom of expression so I can really see them for who they are! It’s been awesome.

6. We must ask: how are those eyebrows, nails and hair styles doing? Have you found ways to be your own stylists during the lockdown, and what tips and products have you tried that you can share with other women?

I’ve always loved to take care of my beauty on my own, but I didn’t have that luxury because I had no time for it. I’m more than delighted to have more time on my hands to really focus on my beauty wellness, especially my skin care. As far as tips go, I suggest all women take some time to concentrate on those beauty needs that require extra time and attention. Before age crawls in and have you wondering what happened, spend some time now to reverse some years, you may not get this chance again! Follow me on social media for different ways to reverse the effects of time on you!!

7.What/who is one organization or individual that has been very supportive or inspirational in your journey, or simply during this pandemic?

Dr. Shiva, everyone should listen to him, in my humble opinion.

8. What are some valuable lessons you have learned that you can share with other women as we navigate the pandemic, or to be better prepared personally and professionally in times of a national issue affecting our health and economy?

Professionally, I would say this to entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t be discouraged, use this as fuel to find the essential in what you do, and then capitalize on it. I tried it and it’s working for me. Personally, I’ll say build your immune system like never before!!! Do your own research on the function of the immune system and work on yours!

9. What keeps you inspired and motivated?
My vision first, then my children.

10. How can other women and the general public connect with you and/or your business?

You can follow me on Facebook at Facebook@edith de light, IG @edith_delight. For consultations on specific skin care,
please send email to edithdelight7@gmail.com. www.myxcape.com.