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Awardee: Dr. Nancy Joy Dozier

Dr. Nancy Joy Dozier, affectionately known as “The Pivot Coach”, lives on purpose to elevate others into their destinies. As Founder and CEO of Joy Life Enterprises, Dr.Nancy serves as a Life Skills Specialist and Personal Pastor to female entrepreneurs, women in ministry and a Consultant to corporations as well as governmental leaders. She helps her clients to access their redeemed reality by discovering their divine purpose, resulting in vibrant spiritual lives, increased productivity, and restored vision. In 2017 she launched the “I Am A Miracle” movement, an annual gathering of champions and overcomers that continues to grow in attendance and impact. Known as the IAAM Movement, these gatherings have been the breeding ground for miraculous spiritual and emotional healings, restored purpose and identity, the launch of entrepreneurial endeavors and the development of community amongst attendees. Dr.Nancy is dedicated to affecting positive and measurable change in the lives of those she serves. With over 15 years as a Corporate Executive in the Luxury Beauty Industry, she produced $100 Million, built and managed teams throughout the state of Georgia. Dr. Nancy possesses a unique set of skills that allow her to guide clients through transitional and transformational life changes.

A published Author of the best selling book “Decree A Thing: Creating Your World With Your Words”, Dr.Nancy is taking her message of life, hope and healing to the masses. The book was birthed as a way to share spiritual truths about the creative power of words, in a very practical and interactive format, activating readers to become intentional with their words. A speaker since the age of 13, she is a firm believer in the power of God and the importance of faith. Dr. Nancy has been featured on major networks such as TBN, DAYSTAR, The Word Network, and Charisma Network. A keynote speaker, She’s been blessed to lend her voice to countless conferences, and conventions around the world. As a Coach and Consultant she’s served organizations such as The Delaware Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference, WILDE, AECOM, HJ Russell & Company, Savannah Technical College, Chatham County Public School System, Clayton County Public School System and Estée Lauder.

Dr. Nancy adores her husband and family. A native of Congo ( DRC ) , She was raised to love and value community. Dr. Nancy is very dedicated to giving back through her volunteer work with various organizations and charities. Her philosophy is that there is always room for one more. One more act of kindness, one more seat created at the table, one more hug for someone who needs to be reminded that they matter, and one more moment to stop and serve.