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Widely known as the most Eloquent MC, MCee JT is a multi- cultural Mistress of ceremony, Facilitator, Host & Moderator.
Serving events from Weddings, Corporate, Fundraisers, Red carpet, Festivals and empowering others through group facilitation.
MCee JT is professional, knowledgeable, time conscious and works seemingly with vendors as she also doubles up as an event planner.
MCee JT has been humbled to host the City of Laurel Juneteenth Celebration, Anne Arundel County African Heritage Festival, DC Afrobeats Fest and Generosity Global’s MissionBall, an NGO proving clean water to Sub-Saharan Africa. MCee JT is a licensed social worker who has transitioned into the information technology sector.

Her motto, You Celebrate, She Creates!

Website: https://mceejt.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MCee.JT

IG: CESPLANNER – https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/i=nqock610u4y7&utm_content=2u843y9