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  • Dumfries, VA

Awardee: Mia Cooley

Mia Cooley is an unwavering advocate for inclusivity, wellness, and empowerment within marginalized communities. As the Founder and CEO of xHood, a pioneering organization focusing on LGBTQ+ and family wellness, Mia has dedicated her life to creating spaces of belonging and support.

Her passion for fostering positive change led her to accumulate over 4000 volunteer hours, notably contributing 2500 hours to xHood alone. Mia’s leadership has been instrumental in organizing workshops, mentoring LGBTQ+ youth, and advocating for resources and inclusivity within the community.

Beyond xHood, Mia’s commitment extended to various organizations, including Rainbow Youth Alliance, Women’s Empowerment Network, and Planned Parenthood, where her collective volunteer efforts totaled over 1500 hours. Her dedication to supporting LGBTQ+, women, and family wellness exemplifies her unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowered society.

Mia Cooley’s impact resonates deeply within the communities she serves, embodying a lifetime commitment to making a difference and empowering individuals to thrive.