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  • Dumfries, VA

Awardee: Phi Tran

Born in Vietnam, Ms. Tran was raised in the Huntington Beach, California, and she is a trailblazer who embodies the phrase “the inclusive we”.
Ms. Tran is a devoted single mother, who loves to nurture her loving two-year-old son, Maxx, and her cherished fur baby, Chewie, a seven-year-old golden retriever.
With an illustrious 18-year Active Duty Air Force career as a nurse, Ms. Tran has demonstrated dedication to service not just to the country but to fellow service members. But it doesn’t stop there. Her commitment to serving the community is endless and a testament to her strength and unyielding spirit.
In the moments of time between duty and family, Ms. Tran immerses herself in a world of empowerment, uplifting others and paying it forward. This is evidenced through her work as the founder of Fostering Our Youth (FOY), a nonprofit organization dedicated to community outreach, mentorship, and scholarships for young students. Within 3 years, FOY has raised $60K, provided 50 community outreach events, awarded 28 scholarships to high school students & impacted over 1000 children. Also in 2023, FOY launched the mentorship program and it currently has six mentors and mentees. FOY IS excited for new opportunities to continue to impact the youth in 2024.
Ms. Tran’s passion for investing in the youth and empowering women to excel is exhibited through every endeavor she pursues. Additionally, she selflessly serves with Legacy Flight Academy, exposing the youth of our community to the wonders of aviation, broadening their horizons and igniting their passion for flight.
When not engaged in her philanthropic efforts, she finds peace through the lens of Hallmark movies and the thrill of life through snowboarding. She also actively involves with the local chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and Delta Zeta Alumnae. These activities offer a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of her character and being.
Looking toward the future, Ms. Tran is eagerly anticipating the release of “Unstoppable,” a collaborative book project that shares her experiences and aims to empower young women to lead and excel in their own lives.
Ms. Tran is a trailblazer and her experiences professionally and personally encapsulate the spirit of service, empowerment, and dedication. Her tireless efforts to uplift others and create positive change serve as a testament to her character and commitment to making the world a better place for all.
If “Be the Change You Want to See” was a person, it would be Ms. Phi Tran!