She Is A Woman of Many Hats: To Name A Few, Healthcare Administrator, Community Advocate And Governor’s Commissioner On African Affairs; Lady Kate Atabong Ndi Is The Host Of The “Take A Stand” Brunch

 Ms. Kate Atabong Ndi teams up  with WILDE, Inc. as the Host and Moderator of the upcoming Women’s Month brunch, “Take A Stand: Building Better Communities Together”

Kate Atabong Ndi, best known as Lady Kate was born and raised in the Republic of Cameroon. After attaining elementary education she moved to the United Kingdom where she attained a Bachelor in Economics and also pursued a career in Nursing. She lived and worked in the UK for some time before relocating to the United States to pursue the American Dream. 

Lady Kate is a Healthcare Administrator in Washington DC and has held several management positions in her professional Career.  Being a Healthcare leader is one of the hats she wears. Lady Kate currently serves as Governor’s Commissioner on African Affairs for the State of Maryland and she is also the Founder of the Miss Africa USA Pageant. The pageant was founded in 2005 and provides a platform for young women to develop in leadership and advocacy while building their self-esteem to realize their full potential.  

As a Community advocate for the empowerment of women and girls globally, Lady Kate participates in various platforms from the grass root level to high profile avenues to advance the cause for women and serving as a voice for the African Community.  She is a daring visionary who seizes every opportunity to influence change, leverage resources to enhance society and build a stronger community in the diaspora.   

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