Top Natural Hair Care Product Line, NaMe Naturals, Partners With WILDE As A Sponsor Of The Take A Stand Brunch

We are pleased to announce that NaMe Naturals has teamed up with Team WILDE as a Sponsor of the ‘Take A Stand: Building Better Communities Together’ Brunch  scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 10, 2018 in Maryland.

NaMe Naturals is a beauty company that provides affordable, yet effective and chemical free solutions for hard to manage, dry, damaged and Afro textured hair types.
NaMe Naturals believes that most people don’t wear their hair in its natural state  because they do not have products specifically created to feed, soften, moisturize and strengthen their hair, or because most available and accessible products are packed with harmful chemicals and fillers. NaMe Naturals provides a solution by using herbs, seeds, oils, butters and vitamins to create products that actually work. Clients have expressed that not only have the products transformed their hair into thick, strong, long and luscious manes, the products also provide an aromatherapeutic feeling because of their freshness and soothing scents.

NaMe Products Cater To:

  • People with Natural Afro Textured hair types by providing solutions to soften, moisturize and aid strong, long and thick hair.
  • People with Chemically Processed hair types by providing solutions to repair damaged hair, condition and ensure strong, long, thick, and vibrant hair.
  • All Other hair types experiencing dryness, breakage, and in need of chemical free alternatives to current hair products.

Additionally, the company is no stranger to philanthropy as ten percent of its revenue goes towards assisting victims of rape, fighting underage marriages and the exploitation of vulnerable young women.

About The Founder

From an early age in her hometown of Kumba, Cameroon, Patty always had the penchant for creating things. When she had her daughter in 2002, the child had very sensitive skin and scalp and was always suffering from dry scalp, dry skin, eczema and other ailments resulting from sensitivity to products that she was using. In 2003 her daughter was diagnosed with vitiligo and was referred to a trial program that used steroid creams to treat the condition. Patty read the side effects and was alarmed! So she decided to take her daughter’s skin and axle issues into her hands. She conducted some research and started looking for natural solutions and alternatives to skin and hair care products. She conducted her research cumulatively with prior knowledge acquired from her mother as a little girl, specifically on the use of natural oils such as palm oil and shea butter and the use of plants such as hibiscus and lady of the night. She began creating high-quality products and shared with her entire family and friends who professed how these products transformed their hair and skin. She continued perfecting the products until she decided to let the rest of the word experience the effectiveness of nature in a jar. This led to the creation of NaMe Naturals.

She named this company NaMe to encourage people to unapologetically and fiercely define and to express their beauty, their way.

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