WWABC 2020: March 14th, 2020

Nancy Joy Dozier lives on purpose to elevate others into their destinies. As Founder and CEO of Joy Life Enterprises, Nancy serves as a Life Skills Specialist and Personal Pastor to female entrepreneurs and women in ministry. A certified Life Coach, She helps her clients to access their redeemed reality by discovering their divine purpose, resulting in vibrant spiritual lives, increased productivity, and restored vision. In 2017 she launched the “I Am A Miracle” movement, an annual gathering of champions and overcomers that continues to grow in attendance and impact. Affectionately known as the IAAM Movement, these gatherings have been the breeding ground for miraculous physical and emotional healings, restored purpose and identity, the launch of entrepreneurial endeavors and the development of community amongst attendees. Nancy is dedicated to affecting positive change, especially in the lives of women. With nearly 15 years as a coach in corporate and spiritual settings, she has developed a unique set of skills that allow her to guide people through transitional and transformational life changes, as a cheerleader. Committed to helping women birth their God given dreams, she embraces the role of a spiritual midwife.

With the recent release of her brand new book, Decree A Thing: Creating Your World With Your Words, Nancy is taking her message of life, hope and healing to the masses. The book was birthed as a way to share spiritual truths about the creative power of words, in a very practical and interactive format. A prolific speaker, with signs and wonders following, since the age of 13, she is a firm believer in the power of God and His word. Whether she’s behind a pulpit, teaching a seminar, in a boardroom or one on one with someone the message does not change. Her desire is to inspire all people to become the best versions of themselves, personally, professionally and emotionally. Through various forms of media, speaking engagements, upcoming book releases and a lifestyle brand, Nancy is giving countless people tools to be strong and to be whole by choosing to live in joy.

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