WWABC 2020: March 14th, 2020

Meet Aliyah Cherrisse

Mother | +Model | Motivational Speaker | Multi-Media Personality

Self-Healing Advocate | Momprenuer

Founder of ‘AC Chronicles’, in pursuit of 501(c) 3 which was founded for the mission work of mothers, survivors, and dreamers alike! As Aliyah is known to be all of the above, she aspires to inspire other women through her stories, service efforts and teachings. Born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ, Aliyah is a graduate of Morgan State University where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with the Concentration of Marketing.

Ambitious dreamer, Aliyah has been humbled with opportunities that she landed to model for major plus brands like, Ashley Stewart. She has graced the cover of a few plus industry magazines such as Daily Venus Diva, has had features in a few plus size magazines such a PLUS MODEL MAG, as well as graced several runways serving for many plus brands. Aliyah has also hosted her own radio show, red carpet events, and charitable gatherings. As she continues to grow accolades, she has proudly taken on the mission work of motivational speaking. The road has not been easy for her, for she has learned what it means to have to sacrifice and compromise through trial and error.

Single mother of three, Aliyah has decided that self-healing, self-motivating and self-care will be the driving force behind all of her outreach efforts. From her own self-help process, she was able to make her 1st edition Goal Setting, Guide book; “The Ultimate Goal Guide.” It was made with the hope that people looking to gain clarity and shift their lives would be able to do so after completing her simple starting point driven guide. Her goal is to bridge the gap between people (specifically other women, mothers, dreamers, and survivors) and their greater selves.

Aliyah created ÂLIYÂH LYNN with women like herself in mind. That woman is on the go, bold, beautiful, and blossoming. That woman prefers comfort yet cute clothing to navigate through her day with confidence, and for the mother with little minis who from time to time she desires to coordinate with. The goal is to help build confidence in women while being an example for all who are watching.

From breaking barriers to building businesses and having to find her own way, Aliyah has accepted her calling in helping other women to do the same. Launching Spring 2020, Aliyah will begin professionally coaching women through her newly birthed coaching business, “Mom Boss Assembly; Where Aspiring Mom Bosses Assembly.” Taking the guess work out of WHAT to do and showing women HOW to do it.

“The goal is to change the narrative for generations to come and in order to do so: I had to do things that others wouldn’t today, so that my grandchildren’s children, can do things that others wouldn’t later.”

—Aliyah Cherriss

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