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Awardee: Eurykah Fon-Ndumu

Eurykah Fon-Ndumu is an accomplished author, community leader, event planner, and transformational speaker. Born in Cameroon, West Africa and raised in the Greater Washington, DC area. Eurykah Fon-Ndumu is a multi-faceted award-winning  Entrepreneur.



Eurykah, is the owner of Asheris Events planning and Design Services. An award-winning company that provides event production, event planning education- AEPDS Bridal Academy, event design and event coordination. After a few years of success as one of the leading award-winning event planning companies in the DMV and beyond, Eurykah got recognition from a global leading all in one wedding planning resource- The Knot and WeddingWire. Eurykah is a two-time WeddingPro Educator at The Knot https://www.weddingpro.com/blog/meet-the-2020-weddingpro-educators/. The knot is one of the leading wedding vendor advertising platforms in the world.


 AEPDS as fondly called, recently birthed a new brand under its umbrella- The Mafor Collection. This brand celebrates the unique African/Cameroonian culture through African inspired luxury event design and lifestyle exclusively. Eurykah’s curiosity for other cultures has afforded her the opportunity to expand AEPDS internationally.


Eurykah’s heart lies not only in designing, coordinating, and producing events but more importantly, her goal is to ensure that every woman she interacts with is impacted positively to walk in their purpose. As a working wife and mother of four diverse children, whose gift of words produce an implausible amount of life and empowerment, Eurykah decided to pilot a blog http://nomamipikinleftbehind.blogspot.com/

entitled “No Mami Pikin Left Behind ”.  A West African pidgin phrase which translates to “mothers will not be left behind.” The intention of the blog was to gift women motivational written articles, address the obstacles of parenting in the modern world, and create a safe space for every woman and mother.

“No Mami Pikin Left Behind- Nomamipikinleftbehind” transitioned from a blog to a movement being witnessed by thousands of readers, ambassadors and participants



In a continuous effort to inspire, empower, uplift and motivate women, Eurykah founded “Mamipikin Talks” (mothers in conversation) www.mamipikintalks.com.  An event geared to the African/African-American and immigrant women of color. This event is an intimate judgment free zone. It’s a safe space curated to have life changing conversations. Conversations that address the stereotypes and prejudices that we face as women and most especially mothers in today’s world. Conversations that heal, equip, and empower every woman in attendance. From its first seat down event in 2016, Mamipikin Talks has hosted over 25 sessions with the DMV being its main headquarters. Mamiikin Talks has recorded over hundreds of women collectively in attendance excluding virtual participation. This event has harnessed a world of recognition with the most recent being-Cultural Ambassador Award from the Ambassador of Cameroon to the USA in recognition of its positive contribution to the community.


Eurykah’s goal is to promote a culture where women feel limitless while striving to become the best version of themselves. This is executed in writing- as a published author of 3 books, transformational speaker, hosting conferences and meaningful conversations, small group empowerment gatherings and serving as Brand Ambassadors for Brands like Xolani Beauty, FOTABE University (FUNIC), Cameroon.

All this is aimed at providing women of color a safe space that is judgment free to have life changing, empowering and transformational conversations. 


In addition to event design, and her passion for women and their mental health, Eurykah recently started a clothing line for women of all sizes and clothing needs- ANARISE!

ANARISE in its freshman year has amassed a large community of fabulous women by connecting with them one on one as the brand provides private in-home shopping experiences, pop ups to assist with styling different body types. And a whole lot of positive body coaching. ANARISE



     As a mother of four incredibly diverse children, Godmother to 9 amazing children, aunt, sister, friend and more.​Eurykah speaks from a point of experience, empathy, failure, success, love and determination.