WWABC 2020: March 14th, 2020

Felicia Kelly is the founder and president of Cyrus Anointing Consulting, a lifestyle development company that provides customized financial education and solutions to small businesses. She is a speaker, consultant, and money management expert primarily known for her faith-based brand, Coaching Christians to CoinsⓇ.
Felicia got her start in the male-dominated auto industry and mastered the art of generating income. However, she initially failed to acquire the necessary money management skills needed for maximizing it. After losing everything she worked for, she found a way to not only survive, but to THRIVE! Felicia mastered decision-making skills which ultimately saved her life. In a single year, Felicia paid off $45,000 of debt and built a successful business.

She has seen first hand how money affects life, business, and every area in between so for over a decade, she has been helping clients to make strategically powerful decisions that increase revenue and cash flow to ensure they operate their lives and businesses at the highest level possible.

With a corporately trained background in finance and management, Felicia has a thorough understanding of maximizing income and leveraging cash flow to create a fail-proof lifestyle.
Felicia is passionate about sharing her story with audiences to teach them how to gain confidence in their God-given abilities, run their business effectively, and embrace guiltless financial freedom, in order to build their dream lifestyle through their business.

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