WWABC 2020: March 14th, 2020

As a transformational coach, Philisha Mack is in high demand to share her proven system of transformation
through content development and creation. She coaches executives, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs to stand in their truth and monetize their message.

Philisha has the unique ability to connect with leaders authentically while drawing on her diverse corporate and educational background that spans across a diverse arena ranging from healthcare as a nurse practitioner, coaching as a certified master coach and in education as she is a PhD Candidate working with a Principal Investigator to assist Breast Cancer Survivors Suffering from Cancer Related Fatigue. As a Best Selling Author who has consulted with some of the top Pharma Companies in the world and is currently a Global Clinical Safety Manager while managing The Mack Institute and its subsidiary brands, which include The Millionaire Girls Organization, The Executive Arm- Virtual Assistant Firm, and Mack Maids. She simplifies coaches with her high-level accountability style as well as her online signature course, Content ForBosses and Business Recharged University.

Philisha’s distinct value is helping her clients create courses, write books, create websites and work one on one or in her Global Mastermind Program to soar to their next level of success. She coaches you to create content so that
you can create success. Master Coach Philisha’s philosophy and deep desire is to help further the vision, passion,
mission and objectives of every client that aligns with her organization’s goal which is to “Stand in your truth and
Monetize Your Message.”

Benefits of Working with Master Coach Philisha:
Meet critical business outcomes

    • Improved performance
    • Increased profits
    • Increased productivity
Visit www.themackinstitute.com for a Free 15 minute Consultation Today.
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