We are pleased to continue creating programs and events that focus on providing avenues for women to succeed mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. Following the 2020 Women’s Wellness and Business Conference,  we will be kicking off the Give Mom a Break Day, with fifty women. The Give Mom a Break initiative is curated for working mothers to avoid burnout, by taking one day to pause and focus on self-love. Recent studies reveal that moms work an average of 98 hours per week, which is equivalent to working two full-time jobs and working overtime. Yet self-care remains an afterthought.

Burnout is becoming an epidemic that’s not only affecting women, but communities as a whole. As an organization, our mission is a movement that is impacting lives through mental, physical, spiritual wellness, and financial literacy. 80% of decisions in the homes are made by women. By equipping women with these best practices, we realized from our projects that we are providing a catalyst that is transforming communities. 

Team WILDE understands that one day is not enough, and self-care should be an ongoing priority. Give Mom A Break Day will equip moms with tools and experiences needed to cultivate support networks and effective work-life balance practices. For one day, working moms will be charged with one mission only – to relax and replenish. Upon participating in Give Mom A Break Day, moms will feel rejuvenated, renewed and charged to improve performance at home, work and overall lifestyle. They will also be equipped with the resources to practice ongoing self-care for continued success. 

Funds raised from the Women’s Wellness and Business Conference will go to provide a transformational experience for the women who will be selected to participate in Give Mom a Break Day. 

For conference registration visit (www.wildeinc.org/wwabc2020)

Are you a Mom that needs a break? To be considered for the Give Mom A Break Day program, Please complete an application HERE


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Our community partners and sponsors play a vital role in the success of our  programs. 

We understand that we cannot do this on our own. If you are a restaurant, spa, event center, women’s clothing store, cleaning service, child care center, women’s service business, business owner, etec, we invite you to take on this journey with Team WILDE. Your support of Give Mom A Break Day, in cash or kind, is 100% tax deductible.

Contact us here for collaboration opportunities.