It Has Been An Amazing Black History Month And WE Are Kicking Off The WELLS Series for March With The Amazing Kimberly Byer-Clark, Chief Event Officer At KDuJour Events

“I am the consummate socialite striving to serve brands that desire to build and activate a community.”

Women Embracing Life and Leadership Series – WELLS

WELLS is a monthly series showcasing professional and personal diversity in women as they share their stories of successes, challenges and how they are creating a work-life balance, or lack thereof. These stories will educate, inspire and uplift readers. 

It has been an amazing Black History Month celebration here at Team WILDE and we are pleased to discuss the WELLS series with our March Ambassador, Ms. Kimberly Byer-Clark, Chief Event Officer at KDuJour Events.

kbc headshot

Please state your title and company.

Chief Event Officer, KDuJour Events. We are a boutique conference and events planning firm.

How many years of experience do you have in your primary area of expertise? 
I have been an event planner and conference producer since 2007. 
How would you describe yourself and your company? What is a major challenge you encountered while building your empire, and how have you overcome that experience?
I am the consummate socialite striving to serve brands that desire to build and activate a community.
KDuJour Events is a boutique conference and events planning firm that provides a suite of business development and consultative services to an array of personal and corporate clients. We specialize in the production of conferences, speaker management, social media management, fundraisers, book signings, private parties, and weddings.
I was pushed into entrepreneurship and I am so grateful it happened that way! The biggest challenge I have encountered is believing that it was actually happening. Being an event planner was always something I did on the side and being pushed into developing into a business owner is the way it was meant to be. I am now confident in my company and what my brand represents.
In your opinion does creating a work-life balance exist? If yes, how do you attain it?
Yes. That is something that I truly work on but sometimes it is hard because I love attending events and tend to put my work hat on while there. For me, it’s turning on my DVR (I’m a Bravo junkie), driving, traveling, giving back, spending time with my husband, family, and friends.
What advice can you share with others interested in your field of expertise?
Who/What inspires you to thrive?
My parents! (my dad is West Indian…)
I am my own competition!
What’s next?
My company is taking on a three year marketing contract with a professional membership association. I am very excited for the opportunity!
For more on Ms. Kim, visit her on social media and while you are at it remember to hire her for your next event.