Linda Arrey Announces New Campaign and WILDE’s 2018 Theme for International Women’s Day

“Take A Stand: Let’s Build Better Communities Together!”

In March 2018, we will join millions around the world to continue celebrating the contributions and achievements of women globally.  WILDE’s Theme for International Women’s Day is “Take A Stand: Let’s Build Better Communities Together!”

In a world where more people are dying from gunshots than wars, one where injustice and unfairness are becoming rampant, where women and minorities still receive unequal pay in some industries and sexual assault is the hot topic on mainstream media, it is time we come together as a community and spread love by TAKING A STAND against these ills of society. STOP Abuse. STOP Violence. STOP Sexual Assault.  STOP Discrimination. 

As we prepare for our Women’s Day Brunch taking place in DC in March, Ms. Linda Arrey has launched the “Take A Stand Pledge” and encourages you to join our team and leaders across the world and make your voice heard.

Take a stand! Speak up against, and take action to:

  • STOP Abuse
  • STOP Violence
  • STOP Harassment
  • STOP Discrimination

Our Women’s Day Brunch will bring together community leaders from across the nation and different walks of life on March 10th to discuss these issues starting from the root causes through possible resolutions.  To be involved with this event please send us an email at 

In the meantime, we encourage you to support in three ways:

  • Make a donation to this campaign by clicking HERE
  • Join the campaign and take a pledge by purchasing our stylish and quality “Take A Stand” T-Shirts
  • Share this article and campaign in your network and social media platforms using the hashtag #TakeAStand
Continue to stay tuned on our website and Facebook pages for registration and more information about the March 10th Women’s Day Brunch.
Take A Stand!