Turning Her Pain Into Passion, Fashion Guru And The Brains Behind The Taylor Jay Collection Joins The Take A Stand Movement

The Famous Taylor Jay Collection Is Unapologetic, Uncompromising, Passionate, And always personal. Additionally, the Woman Behind This Fashion House Is A Power House To Recon With.

Taylor Jay is the vision and pulse behind The Taylor Jay Collection. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Taylor Jay has been in the Fashion industry for over 12 years. Taylor moved to L.A. after high school as a stylist, while she studied at the California School of Fashion Design.Taylor first opened her own Boutique in L.A at the age of 23 but found her passion and love for designing since 2012. After deciding to open a second location, Taylor moved back home to the Bay Area, where she now lives and works. On top of managing her own business, she is familiar with the challenges of being a young mother and wants to be able to share her story on how she was able to make something out of her life and fulfill her dreams while raising a child.Taylor Jay aims to empower all women across with her clothing and created her signature collection in response to her clientele’s enthusiasm. In her own words, she will, “…continue to design amazing clothing that last a lifetime, & makes every woman feel & look amazing.”

The Taylor Jay Collection is best described as Unapologetic, Uncompromising, Passionate, and always personal.  It is designed so you can move through your day and your life with ease, grace and confidence.  The inspiration for the brand comes from every woman.  Taylor Jay is always striving to see confidence and ease melded in the moment your flesh meets their line, believing that women are powerful in their vulnerability.  Giving women all the glory, without hesitation.  The Taylor Jay Collection is where the spaces between modesty and femininity are discovered.  Where sexy and approachable are synonymous. Comfort and style combine.  The soft edges of our personalities kept safe – casual, chic, fierce.  And their pieces are cut from the same cloth.  Inspired to honor the versatility of every woman.  The Taylor Jay Collection lives to create an experience in every seam.

We are pleased to partner with Ms. Taylor Jay as she joins other powerful women on the panel for the “Take A Stand: Building Better Communities Together” brunch.

For more on the Taylor Jay Collection and to place an order please visit http://www.taylorjaycollection.com

To register for the brunch visit http://wildetakeastandcampaign.eventbrite.com

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