Yah Hughes

“Be flexible! During this time, you may need to pivot and be open to alternative ways to stay employed, educated etc. This may mean you approach your goals a little differently.”

1. Who is Yah Hughes?

Yah Hughes is a woman who has shown herself to be resilient, ever evolving and authentic. She happens to be a cultivator, THE PURPOSE CULTIVATOR; one who fosters growth, change and fearlessness within her community, the church and across colleges. She’s a wife, mother, sister, friend, author, speaker, higher education professional and ordained elder to name a few. She’s a woman who DECIDED to trust God, live a bold, courageous and purposeful life, and share her discovery with the world. She’s the founder of Made for Purpose, a personal and self-development firm, that partners with women to provide inner and emotional wholeness, and coaching to women who are tired of living in fear, doubt and pain, but ready to do the work to live a bold and unapologetic life. I believe that God made each of us for a specific purpose and it’s our duty to discover that purpose, cultivate it and live unapologetically in it.

2. The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic weighs the heaviest on most working mothers. How has the pandemic affected you mentally?

While, it hasn’t impacted my mental health completely, there are times when I find it hard to be productive, as I’ve been thrusted into a few more roles that require more of me, which can be overwhelming at times but I’m very intentional with honoring my feelings and taking moments to be still in order to stay well. I try to “check-in” with myself regularly to include taking inventory of my attitudes, fears and emotions and depending on what’s revealed I take periods to just be still, rest and pray. I’ve found that this helps to stay grounded during this time.

3. How are you supporting your local community during the COVID-19 crisis?

I’ve donated to several projects, food drives and support within the community. Purchasing masks from local small businesses, and ordering online from my favorite small businesses.

4. How can your local community support you and your business during this pandemic?

By purchasing my emotional wellness and self-help book, HELLO ME: The Power of Cultivating and Loving the Authentic You. For every purchase made, I will donate a book to a college students and/or a women’s shelter.

5.What/how are you spending the most of your time/resources during the pandemic?

I’m very intentional with not putting pressure on myself to “produce” or do so much during this time. So, most days after working are spent laughing and having fun with my family. We cook together, watch movies, go on family walks. I’ve also been taking the time to rest and be still.

6. We must ask: how are those eyebrows, nails and hair styles doing?

WHEW…the eyebrows and nails need major attention lol. But I’ve been doing good with maintaining my hair. Have you found ways to be your own stylists during the lockdown, and what tips and products have you tried that you can share with other women? YES! I have short, relaxed hair and I shampoo it bi-weekly, deep condition it and style it. I purchased my products from my stylist prior to the pandemic, which I’m so glad I did. It’s Salon Grade products by Influence and they have been great. I also purchased a few headbands from Target to add a little flare on the days my hair doesn’t cooperate.

7.What/who is one organization or individual that has been very supportive or inspirational in your journey, or simply during this pandemic?

I wish I could name just one person but I’m blessed to have a huge support system and community of “sisterfriends” that I am grateful for, to include my husband whose prayers and support helps me be able to pursue my dreams, travel the world and show up as a greater person. My close friends who serve as sounding boards, prayer and accountability partners and also my mentors who push me to be the best professionally and in business. They all have been instrumental in my journey during this pandemic.

8. What are some valuable lessons you have learnt that you can share with other women as we navigate the pandemic, or to be better prepared personally and professionally in times of a national issue affecting our health and economy?

Honor your feelings during this time, it’s normal to have good days and bad days, the power is in acknowledging your feelings, taking moments to reflect and care for them. If you’re up to being productive, then Focus on professional development. Continue to sharpen your mind and your craft. While the industry and economy maybe changing, know that you add value based on your knowledge and expertise, so stay updated on your industry and keep your skills sharpened. Get Rest. While I know it may seem that during this time you have ample time to rest, realistically you don’t: you are giving so much of yourself, so be sure to take time to rest. Giving 100% of yourself requires that you get fully charged. We operate similar to our swanky phones and tablets, in order for us to give the best possible frequency, operate to our highest level and to function properly we must get charged. Just as you plug your phone in daily to get 100% battery, you must find ways to charge yourself fully. Be flexible; during this time, you may need to pivot and be open to alternative ways to stay employed, educated etc. This may mean you approach your goals a little differently.

9.What keeps you inspired and motivated?

I’m a natural born go-getter, so I don’t need much to be motivated, but my family.
Knowing that I am breaking generation barriers, creating a legacy and showing my children how to embrace their dreams, keeps me going and push me harder. Also seeing my clients and my tribe of women fully embrace who they are, their purpose and their power is an incredible motivator.

10.How can other women and the general public connect with you and/or your business?

My website is madeforpurpose.org; email is yah@madeforpurpose.org, and I’m @yahhughes on all social need platforms, I’m excited to connect.