She’s An Educator, Healthcare Professional, Speaker And Author; Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia Takes A Stand!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia as a Panelist for the “Take A Stand: Building Better Communities Together Brunch”

“The mission of W. I.L. D. E. is to promote better workforce, communities and homes by encouraging women to bring their vision and leadership, knowledge and skills, views and aspirations into the development stream. I am deeply touched and honored to be a part of  W.I.L.D.E. Campaign ‘Take a Stand: Building Better Communities. I support this initiative because 1. It is time for women to take their rightful place in society, 2) Educating a Woman is educating their families and their village. I agree with the saying that “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” Let us join forces to change one life at a time.Together we can build  better and stronger communities. I am looking forward to March 10th event.The speakers for the even are phenomenal women. These Great women are changing lives. Be there to be a part of the conversation. You cannot miss this event!!!”


Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is a registered nurse with 20 years of experience. She is an Educator, Healthcare Professional, Speaker, and an Author whose mission is to inspire, encourage, and empower as many people as possible to use all the tools they already possess to achieve success regardless of the roadblocks along the journey and live the life of their dreams. Her second mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities at large to create and foster culturally sensitive work environments that will help team members feel satisfied, comfortable, and confident in their ability and achieve their best. This ultimately creates team morale and increase productivity.

Throughout her nursing career, she has worked as a clinical nurse in various roles in acute care, ambulatory care services, long-term care, and in management. Based on her superb clinical acumen, she has shared her knowledge and skills, and at the same time help others who were not competitive in the workforce by addressing health and employment from the same paradigm. She has 13 years of teaching in the universities and trade schools in the United States. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, two master’s degrees (Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Health Care Administration) and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Phoenix. She participates in national forums as well as in local health service projects. Her classroom has been described as “A World of Practice” which brings theory, research, practice, and policy to a central core place in the student’s critical thinking and problem-solving behaviors. In this model Eunice integrates cultural and clinical examples, and helps the students to relate content to their own life and contextual experiences.

Dr. Gwanmesia’s journey began in 1990 when she immigrated to Prince Albert,
Saskatchewan in Canada from Cameroon, Africa to pursue a diploma in Dental Therapy after failing out of the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon. After successfully completing the diploma program, she gained employment in Rankin Inlet in the North-West Territories of Canada. However, having a diploma was not enough for her so she migrated to the United States in 1993 where she will eventually enroll in nursing school which forever changed her life. She has been recognized for her accomplishments and dedication to nursing through many awards including, the Spirit of Nursing award from the Army Nurse Corps, Excellence award from DSU nursing students, Delaware Students Nurses Association Faculty member of the year nominee for recognition of her leadership and dedication to nursing education, and Who is Who among American teachers. She also was inducted into the Institute of Excellence housed within the National Black Nurses Association. She is a 2012 fellow of the NBNA Founders Leadership Institute.

Dr. Gwanmesia believes that humans share many things in common but are different
because everyone is unique in their own person and this brings joy to life.

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